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Like learning anything new, learning to cook – while it can be fun – can also be confusing & stressful. It takes time to learn new skills, but with patience and practice, it gets easier. In this section you will learn various cooking techniques, tips & tricks to help build your confidence & improve on your cooking skills - let's get started!


A collection of healthy & nutritious recipes. The meals are easy to cook using simple and low cost ingredients.


Healthy eating habits start with making healthy food choices. Eating nutritious foods helps you feel great, gives you more energy, improves your health, and boosts your mood. But what are 'healthy food choices?' We've put together some information, tips &  resources to get you started! 

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Wombat has been able to develop these 'Learn Cook Eat Resources' through a partnership with Nutrition Australia. Funding for this resource was provided by Vic Health. We thank both organisations for their support!