My Virtual Case Manager (WomBot)

My Virtual Case Manager (WomBot) is a pilot project that assists people who are experiencing or at risk of homelessness by providing you with the information you need 24/7.

About WomBot

WomBot is an automated, user-friendly virtual chatbot that is available 24/7 making it easier for you to access the information you need,when you need it. WomBot is not a real person but can link you in with a case manager if you need to chat to someone. WomBot has been co-designed with support workers & young people.

WomBot has been created specifically to provide housing information, advice and link you in with referrals to relevant services.

WomBot provides information on the top most asked questions related to housing, including these 5 main topics:

·      Emergency Accommodation

      Information on who to contact & what types of emergency accommodation there is.

·      Housing Information (what are my options)

      Explains different housing types, costs & how to apply.

·      Assistance to obtain private rental

      Provides information on how to get yourself private rental ready & tips on how to apply, information on bond loans & other financial       assistance.

·      Material Aid

      Provides information about material aid & where to go.

·     Issues with my current accommodation

       Provides information on any issues you might be experiencing in your current  accommodation.

WomBot can also link you in with a case manager if you need to ask more questions or need specific advice. You can access WomBot by going to the 'Chat to WomBot' icon on the lower right hand side of the website


Your privacy and confidentiality is important to us. Information collected from the WomBot is not shared to anyone outside Wombat unless you have provided consent for us to do so.

WomBot does not ask for personal information but transcripts of your conversation with WomBot are kept in order to further improve on WomBot’s answers. For more information please read our Privacy Policy.

Supported By

Wombat has been able to develop WomBot through the generosity and support of the Lord Mayor's Charitable Foundation.

My Virtual Case manager (wombot)