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Knife Skills

Do you want to learn and practice knife skills to improve your cooking? The first step towards that is learning how to work with knives safely. Let's begin with some knife skill basics.

How to hold a knife

If you want to improve your knife skills and stay safer in the kitchen, it all starts with holding your blade properly. Adjusting your grip on a knife will let you make more controlled and quicker cuts so you’re more efficient. It also prevents the blade from slipping so you’re less likely to have an accident in the kitchen. With a bit of practice and care, you’ll stay safe while handling your knives. (sourced from wikiHow).

Check out this step by step guide by wikiHow on How to Hold  a Knife

Knife Cutting Technique

Keep your fingers safe when using a knife by using these simples techniques.

                                                                         The ‘CLAW’ cutting technique

  1. Place the flat side of the item you want to cut down on the chopping board.
  2. Shape the fingers of one hand into a claw shape, tucking the thumb inside the fingers.
  3. Rest the claw on the item to be sliced.
  4. Holding the knife in the other hand slice the item, moving the ‘clawed’ fingers away as the cutting progresses.

                                                                             Watch this video on how to perfect the Claw grip


                                                                           The ‘BRIDGE’ cutting technique

  1. Cut large or awkwardly shaped items in half first.  Place the flat surface on a chopping board.
  2. Form a bridge with the thumb and index finger of one hand and hold the item on the chopping board.
  3. Hold a paring knife in the other hand and position the blade under the bridge, and then cut firmly downwards

                                                                                Watch this video on how to perfect the Claw grip

How to videos - Knife Skills

A collection of videos with tips on how to safely cut different types of food. With a bit of practice you will be chopping like a pro chef in no time!

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