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Get a Medicare card

A Medicare card gives you access to free doctors, cheaper medicine and free hospital care. And it is an important form of ID. To get your Medicare care follow the guide below.


To get a Medicare card and understand what it can be used for

Let's start with why this is important:

  • a Medicare card will mean that some doctors app and hospital visits (where you do not stay overnight) will be without cost to you
  • it is an important form of identification
  • ensures that any of your medication is also reduced in cost

What to do next

Apply for a medicare card

  1. Before you apply you will need identification such as a birth certificate or a passport.
  2. Download and complete the form on this page:
  3. You will then need to submit the form via email or post.

Get ambulance cover

Medicare doesn't cover the cost of using an ambulance, although some private health insurance schemes do. You can take out separate ambulance cover in the event of an emergency dash to hospital.


Ambulance cover costs around $40 per year for individuals, and can save you hundreds - or even thousands - of dollars if you ever end up needing an ambulance.

Where do I get a birth certificate if I do not have one?

Your caseworker will be able to help you with this. There is a link to a service from the Births, Deaths and Marriages website below that will help you to apply for a birth certificate at no cost to you.

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More Information & Services

If you need help ordering a new card, have a question about Medicare or need help with a claim call 132 011 (available 24/7)

Youth Central - Health Insurance Cover & Medicare

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