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Destress and Calm down

Stress can happen for many reasons, and it is important we know how to calm ourselves down so that our stress does not get worse. Follow the steps below to understand stress and find the destress technique that works best for you.


To apply different techniques when I am stressed or need to calm down

Let's start with why this is important:

  • being able to recognise when you are stressed is important to your mental health and important to maintain healthy relationships
  • learning techniques to help you to destress or calm down will mean you can apply them when it is needed

What to do next

Talk to someone


Talk to someone who you can trust. It is ok if that person is part of a hotline, talking to someone is the best way to start helping with how you are feeling.

Learn the techniques that work for you

Make a note of three of these that you can apply next time you feel stressed or overwhelmed.


Complete a breathing exercise

Play this video, and follow the instructions. It goes for around 4mins and you will absolutely feel better after doing this.

Do some exercise

Print this out and write your own fitness "To do list". Here are a list of activities that you might add to it.

More Information & Services

Need to talk to someone, here are some organisations that can help:

CALL KIDSHELPLINE 1800 55 1800 (crisis counselling service available 24/7)

CALL YARNING SAFE N STRONG 1800 959 563 (counselling service for ATSI peoples available 24/7)

CALL QLIFE 1800 184 527 (available 3pm - midnight everyday for LGBTI peer support)

headspace self help information

A guide to helping yourself through stress

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