Use public transport & get a MYKI card

Using public transport is one of the most cost-effective ways to get around, if you don’t get a fine for not using your MYKI. Learn all about how to set up auto top up and where to get all your PT info by following the guide below.


To get a MYKI card and know how to use public transport

Let's start with why this is important:

  • using public transport is the most cost effective method of transport after a bike
  • when travelling on public transport it is required you use a MYKI card or else you will get a fine

What to do next

Top up your Myki

Have an android phone, download the app and your Myki on your phone.

Concession passengers, select General concession as the fare type.


Have a health care card or concession

  • Show your valid Health Care Card to buy a Concession Myki. Click here to find your closest outlet.
  • Carry your Health Care Card and your Myki when you travel.
  • If you're travelling on V/Line services or regional buses that don't use Myki, you'll need to show your Health Care Card to pay the concession fare.

PTV journey planner

Save this website on your phone, it lets you choose any destination and it will tell you how to take public transport there and how long it will take.

How to register auto top up for your Myki

For video transcript, click here.

What to do next

Public Transport Victoria

This website has all you need to know about public transport in Victoria.

Common public transport offences

Legal Aid's guide to common transport fines such as not carrying a valid ticket

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