Safely ride a bike

A bike is an easy, cheap and reliable way to get around. To learn how to maintain and safely and legally ride your bike follow the steps below.


To know basic bike safety and bike maintenance

Let's start with why this is important:

  • riding your bike is great for you and it's a free way of getting around
  • following bike road rules is important to avoid getting a fine

What to do next

Do your ABC before you ride your bike

Every time you get on your bike, do your ABC. 

A = Air, check your tyres

B = Brakes, check your brakes

C = Chain, check your chain isn't slipping or too dry

You can get air at a service station or ask another bike rider as they may have a pump on their bike.

For video transcript, click here.

Got a fine for not riding your bike correctly

Use this website to help you work out your options.

Plan your bike route

Download this app to help you find the best bicycle routes and also where to easily park your bike too.

Basic bike safety

Here is a basic video to check your bike for safety.

For video transcript, click here. The same rules apply in Australia to New Zealand in terms of brakes.

Need a bike?

If you are in need of a bike let your case manager know, back2bikes is an organisation that can provide you with a bike.

What to do next

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