Maintain my car and not get ripped off

Having a car means you need to maintain it by checking the water and oil, getting a service and changing tyres. It can be easy to get ripped off as most people do not understand how cars work, to make sure you stay safe and keep your car safe follow the guide below.


To know to maintain my car and find trustworthy car maintenance

Let's start with why this is important:

  • maintaining your car is essential to stop your car from breaking down and costing you a lot of money in the long run
  • it is important to use a mechanic that is trustworthy and affliated with a large organisation like RACV
  • tyres are your contact between your car and the road, during a service you will find out if they are safe or not

What to do next

How to find a trustworthy mechanic to service my car

Find a RACV accredited mechanic on this map that is close to you. Call and book and appointment. You can normally drop your car off in the morning and then pick it up in the afternoon.

RACV Accredited Auto Care Centres

How much should I pay?

A good  mechanic should tell you the expected cost of a service when you book the car in. They will then call you to tell you if there are any changes to that price due to tyre repair, replacement of parts etc. If your mechanic does not offer you a quote before you take your car in, find another mechanic.

The average car service cost in Australia is around $245 for a minor service and $386 for a logbook service. It is important to note that the price of the service depends on the type and make of your car for example:

2021 Subaru Outback, 48 months old / 50,000km ~ $801.42

2020 Holden Astra, 45 months old / 60,000-70,000km ~ $499

Keep in mind that replacing tyres can be the most expensive part of owning a car. To keep costs down you can often put the least worn tyres on the back of the car and just buy two new tyres for the front. The average price of a new set of tyres (that is four tyres) can be from $550 - $2000 depending on your car.

What to do next

Driving and maintenance

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