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Reference Letters

When you apply for a rental it’s a good idea to include some rental reference letters. A rental reference letter provides information from your previous landlord, real estate agent or people you have lived with about what you were like as a tenant. This could include information like whether you paid you rent on time and if you took care of the property.

If you haven’t lived independently before and don’t have a housing history you can ask your employer, teacher, support worker or friends & family to write a letter on your behalf. Below are some templates that you can edit & use to help strengthen your rental application.

Pet Resume

If you are considering renting a pet-friendly rental, it may be useful to have a pet resume to offer your landlord or real estate agency. A pet resume provides an opportunity for you to provide information about your pet’s best qualities and your awareness of your responsibilities as a pet owner.

Here are some useful resources to help you write that winning resume for your pet!

Pet Resume | How To Write A Dog Resume | Purina

Information on how to write a pet resume & what to include

Pet Resume Template – Free Tool –

Helps you create a pet resume that you can download once completed.

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