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Where to look for places to rent

Now you have done your homework & have an idea of what you can afford, the rent you can afford & all the documents you need – where do you look?
Good question! Here are a few places you can try:


Here are a few suggested online sites you can check out:

Real Estate



Room Share

Flat Mate Finder


Real Estate View



Check out local community groups on Facebook and Facebook Marketplace. Lots of people now list their spare rooms/share accommodation on Facebook Marketplace. Some options are:

  • Fairy Floss Real Estate
  • Rent Melbourne- Helps You Find A Flatmate
  • Melbourne rooms for rent/share housing

LGBTQI+ Shared House

There are plenty of Facebook groups specifically for LGBTQI+ people looking for share housing. Some websites for finding flatmates have the option to add filters for LGBTQI+ housing. You could also try reaching out to Q Life, which provides country-wide anonymous LGBTQI+ peer support and referral and can help point people in the right direction for finding housing through its partner organisations.

For some other useful tips check out this article: Tips for looking for roommates as an LGBTQI+ person


Local newspapers & noticeboards in community centres, public libraries, supermarkets, Tafe & Uni’s


Why don’t you try student accommodation? Look at your school’s website for listings eg: Victoria University - click here

Short Term

If you are looking for somewhere temporary until you find a more permanent place how about checking out properties advertised on Airbnb.

Emergency & Crisis Accommodation

If you are experiencing homelessness and need assistance with crisis accommodation you need to contact a centralised intake service called an “Access Point”.

The state-wide 24 hour phone number for the Access Points is:

Ph: 1800 825 955

Go to our “Get Help” section on this website for more information.

For more information on support options for young people go here: Youth Central – How to Get Help if you are Homeless

Private Rental Resources