Communicating in different situations

Knowing how to talk to different people in different situations is a skill and one that may help you avoid conflict and even help you get what you want. To learn more follow the information below.


To know how to communicate well in different situations

Let's start with why this is important:

  • Communicating effectively can help you to maintain good relationships, avoid conflict and even increase your likelihood of getting what you want

What to do next

Body language - How you move your body

Practise good body language by practising ROLES at home in the mirror.

Here's an acronym that might help you remember good body language:

R – Be relaxed and comfortable, and don't fidget

O – Adopt an open posture (no crossed arms)

L – Lean towards the person – not too much, but just enough to show interest

E – Maintain eye contact, without staring

S – Face the person squarely

Self awareness

To be good at communicating you have to be aware of yourself. Follow the steps in this guide to start to understand how to be self aware.

How to become self-aware

Listening skills

Practise your listening skills by practising these 10 tips.

Pen and paper may not always be relevant but it can help you remember what you talked about.


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