How to get ID

Having ID is essential for many things including getting a Medicare card and a bank account. Follow the steps below to get your ID sorted.


To know how to get ID such as passport, birth certificate and medicare card.

Let's start with why this is important:

  • having ID is essential to apply for Centrelink, Medicare and any government services
  • often you will need a number of forms of ID to open bank accounts, borrow money and to rent a house

What to do next

I need a birth certificate

Go to this website:

Births Deaths and Marriages Victoria and follow the steps below.


I need a passport

To get a passport you will need to fill out a form in the website below. You will then have to get passport photos taken at a post office. You will need a referee or guarantor who the passport office can call to confirm your identity. This person cannot be related to you and has known you for 12 months. A passport costs $308 and can take up to two months to be created and sent to you.

How to get an adult passport

I need Key Pass ID

You can apply for Key Pass ID online via the website below. You will need identity documents when you apply. Concession price is $29.95


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