Enrol and vote in an election

Voting in an election allows you to have a say in how your country is run and it is also mandatory for anyone over 18. To learn more about how to enrol and how to vote follow the steps below.


To enrol to vote and how to vote

Let's start with why this is important:

  • if you are over 18 you must register/enrol to vote, if you don't you can be fined
  • it allows you to have a say in how your community is governed by federal, state and local governments

REMEMBER: different minority groups have not always had the right to vote, so make your vote count to ensure your voice is heard.

What to do next

I need to enrol

To enrol you can:

  1. Enrol online
  2. Complete and print this form then return it to the Australian Electoral Commission
  3. Pick up a form at any AEC office, Australia Post outlet, or at any Medicare or Centrelink service center and return to the AEC


How to vote in a federal election

On election day you will go to the closest polling booth to you and most likely get an election sausage. On your way to the booth there will be people handing out flyers hoping you will vote for them. Remember it is not ok for anyone to watch you vote or ask who have voted for.

STEP 1: Once you get to the booth you will give your name and then you will be given two pieces of ballots, a big long one for the senate and smaller one for the house of representatives.

STEP 2: For the long skinny ballot you are voting for someone who represents your electorate (where you live) to the house of representatives. The party with the most votes here will form the government.

STEP 3: The senate is a house of review, a way of keeping the government that usually controls the House of Reps in check. Here you have two options vote above the line or below the line. Voting above is much easier.

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