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You are entitled to free legal aid if you are arrested or charged with an offence or if you are the victim of a crime. To find out where and how to access these services follow the information below.


To know where to access free legal services if I am the victim of a crime or charged with an offence

Let's start with why this is important:

  • if you are arrested or charged with an offence, you have the right to legal aid
  • if you are a victim of crime, understanding your reactions from past traumatic events can be helpful
  • You are also entitled to legal aid and many counselling and crisis support services such as:



REFUGEE LEGAL (03) 9413 0100

YOUTHLAW (03) 9113 9500

What to do next

I have been charged with an offence and I need legal advice

Youthlaw provides legal advice and casework services to people under 25. The Youthlaw site has info about legal issues relevant to young people including school, police mistreatment of young people, and employment. You can contact them on 03 9611 2412 or

Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service provides legal services and information for people from an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background. You can call them on 1800 064 865 (free call).

Victoria Legal Aid provides legal aid to anyone in the community who needs it, in an efficient and affordable way. You can call them on 1300 792 387.

Finally, there are a number of Community Legal Centres (CLCs) operating throughout Victoria who may be able to provide advice and assistance. Contact their head office on (03) 9652 1500 or


I am the victim of a crime and I need financial/emotional support

Call the Victims of Crime Helpline on 1800 819 817

Who can help victims of crime? What happens when a crime is investigated and prosecuted? Clear answers are provided in a booklet provided by the Victims Support Agency. Download it,

A Victim's Guide to Support Services and the Criminal Justice System or call the Victims of Crime Helpline, 1800 819 817 for a free copy.

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