Live in a share house

Moving out on your own is great but share housing can be tricky! Learn how best to share house by following the tips below.


To know how to live in a share house

Let's start with why it's important:

  • living in a share house can be economical and can be fun if your house mates become your mates
  • knowing how to manage conflict with a house mate can mean you will fix small problems before either of you feel like you want to leave the share house

What to do next

Set up a share house agreement

Download the document in this site and fill it out with your house mates.

Flatmate Agreement | Flatmates.com.au

Build house traditions

The very best share houses do fun things together. Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • a communal mean one night a week and rotate who cooks
  • a games night once a week
  • sharing a sport you all enjoy once a week like Friday night footy

Cleaning roster game

Download the roster here


This is a huge website from the USA with thousands of how-to short videos.  There is a huge Home section. Anything you need to learn how to clean, you can find it here!

Take a look at how to clean a fridge here.

Dealing with a difficult housemate

Read through this article to give you some ideas of how to cope such as spending some time away from your house mate and talking to a friend about the issue so they can give you some ideas or a fresh perspective.

Rental health: What do you do when your roommate ain't so great?While moving out of home can be amazing, living with friends or housemates can be tricky. Here's some tips to help you out.

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