How to manage conflict with landlord & neighbours

Conflict is bound to happen at some point and when it does it is best to know how to deal with it the right way. To find out how follow the steps below.


To know how to manage conflict with your neighbour or landlord/rental provider

Let's start with why this important:

  • being nice, resonable and respectful will ensure you have a good relationship with your neighbours
  • as a tenant/renter you have rights and it is important you know them to ensure you deal with conflict the right way

What to do next

Contacting your landlord/rental provider

This self help tool will help you to draft a letter to your landlord/rental provider if you would like to ask for a rent reduction, have been evicted or are behind on your rent. This tool will help you decide your options and work out how best to proceed when dealing with your landlord.

Know your rights as a tenant

This website has so much information and answers just about any question you could have as a renter such as when your landlord/rental provider can enter your home, by how much your landlord/rental provider can increase your rent or even what modifications you can make to your rental without permission from your landlord/rental provider.

Dealing with conflict with your neighbours

This website from the states covers many common issues you may have with your neighbours such as issues with smoking, noise and even use of common areas. It gives detailed instructions for each particular issue.

REMEMBER: If you are having a problem with a neighbour, the best thing to do is talk to them. You may be able to work together to find a compromise that makes you both happy. However,  f the problem is serious, like being harassed, call the police straight away.

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