How to maintain my rental property

A rental property is a big responsibility and keeping it clean is important for both your health and your bond! To find out how to keep your rental in great condition follow the steps below.


To know how to maintain my rental property

Let's start with why it's important:

  • keeping your rental clean is a part of your rental agreement and if you keep your rental clean you are less likely to have difficulties with your landlord
  • good hygiene starts at home, a clean home is a healthy home

What to do next

Cheap cleaning products

To save some money, try using bi carb or baking soda (same thing) to clean so many things from your kitchen to your laundry. Use a microfibre cloth with a mixture of bi carb and white vinegar and you can clean most things!

22 Cleaning Problems You Can Solve With Baking Soda Store a box of this stuff in every room of your house.

Make a savings account for big purchases

To buy things such as a vacuum, a steam mop or expensive cleaning products such as oven cleaners. Set up a savings account and put in $50 a month so that you can buy these items. Cleaning with them is much easier.

Cleaning up food

Remember to put any of your food scraps in the bin and wash your plates/dishes/cooking utensils as soon as you can. The longer you leave them the harder they are to clean. It is also possible after a few days that mould will grow and this will become very smelly, very quickly!

When to put out the bins

Every council is different, and each address has a different waste collection schedule. When you move into your rental make contact with your council to get a schedule for your bins and put it in your fridge.

What to put in which bin

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