How to keep myself & children safe in the home

The home can be a dangerous place but with simple changes it can be made to be a lot safer. To make sure your home as safe as possible follow the guide below.


To know how to keep myself and children safe in the home

Let's start with why this is important:

  • the majority of accidents and injuries in the home are preventable
  • simple changes to your home can ensure that you and your loved ones are safe

What to do next

Make your home kidsafe

Go through this checklist and tick of each suggestion.


Order a free curtain and blind kit

If you have children and your properties curtain or blinds cords are not secured. Go to this website to get a free kit sent out to you.

Fire Safety

Download Fire Rescue Victoria's booklet available in 25 languages to understand more about home fire safety.

How safe is your house?

Take the “How Safe Is My Place” quiz to find out what more you can do to make your house/rental property secure.

More Information & Services

Kid Safe

A website dedicated to child safety around the home

Tenants VIC

More information about your rights as a renter in Victoria

Justice Connect

Not for profit legal organisation

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